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Last Week’s Links for 2011-12-19

  • I'm definitely doing this one: Lens cap clip mod « #
  • Good to see a review of it: Blackmagic ATEM: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly #
  • Man, I have a backlog of stuff I wanna build: Build a Camera Slider from a Desk Drawer Rail - #
  • If I only did web work, I might just steal this idea: The Perfect Computer Geek’s Business Card #
  • Does your church want an online campus; can help: Free Platform Helps Churches Launch an Online Ministry #
  • Cool idea for Christmas in the digital world: World’s First Virtual Christmas Choir #
  • Ever play bejeweled? Who hasn't? Here's a free version of Bejeweled Blitz for iOS: #ad Thx @BejeweledBlitz #
  • My 5 year old saw a video of Steven Tyler and said "He looks like a lady." So, I showed her the video for "Dude Looks Like a Lady." #
  • I hope this isn't protected because these 2 friends of mine are quite talented (sounds good for not being in a studio). #
  • Ad: Always wanted to teach science or math? There's a $30,000 stipend and preparation from the WW foundation to help: #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @cmsucks @wcweeks @mommypr #
  • To quote my friend Jason Moore, "Comic Sans is the devil." — Comic Sans fights back with famous brands #
  • I think I need one of these: For Those Looking For a Hover Display #
  • Fun with mirrors: Mirror Box « Digital Composting #
  • Highlight of my night: taking a bow from @sharonclements when she welcomed us to the volunteer Christ*** party. #can #039;tsaythenameoftheholiday #
  • Very cool. Something I'll have to try: How to Paint with Light #
  • I learned tonight that Buddy's breakfast from "Elf" isn't as bad as you'd think (if you wash it down w/ syrup). #iBelieveInThe4FoodGroups #
  • A woman marries a man w/ 5 sons; their mom died years ago. Should she rethink the toilet seat's natural position or try to change the boys? #
  • I've been wanting for a no jailbreak way to set the brightness and turn on and off wifi: iPhone Settings Shortcuts #
  • Autotune the news + a College Choir = coolness: Bed Intruder Christmas Carol by Liberty University #
  • From the "what's your excuse" file? A teenage boy and his sister did this: This Drummer Boy Went Viral #
  • I've left mine open all night before; this would help: Build Your Own Garage Door Indicator Light #
  • Helpful utility for you windows peeps: Soluto #
  • I don't know if I've shared this link, but I need to do it: Build a Car Mount for Your Cellphone from Office Supplies #
  • This would have been good for "Podcasting Church" b/c I blogged it; not for "Tweeting Church": blog book production #
  • Good idea for one off books: How to Make, Print, and Bind Your Own Books #
  • Caroling? Not at my church. 80's hair metal. "pour some sugar on me" is better than deck the halls #thiscouldcatchon #
  • I loved the #mancaroling I think all guys groups should go around singing inappropriate songs this Christmas. #laughAtYourselves #
  • Classic tip. I've used this to convert files for free for years: Zamzar #
  • Here's a useful group of image utilities: Resize, convert, split, crop your images online – Jimpl Image Splitter #

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