Last Week’s Links for 2011-12-05

  • If you sell something online with a "sales page" or "squeeze page," how effective are they? Just curious. #
  • Very interesting: Five Myths about Young Adult Church Dropouts #
  • Christmas card season; time for DIY fun: Custom musical greeting card for less than $5 #
  • I can't believe Zuckerberg thinks he can call all sites on the web "malware": Facebook is gaslighting the web. #
  • Trying to find a bug in a WordPress theme I'm customizing for a church in Illinois. #
  • Just heard someone say "zombies are the working class of the undead." LOL! #
  • I picked up a lot of this at my last job, but still it's good info: Collin's Lab: Schematics #
  • I wondered how people found those odd characters on twitter: #
  • Totally off-topic, but good tip: Inflate an Air Mattress with a Vacuum Cleaner #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @corbinc2009 @mikesansone @kp_kelly @dispatcher9 #
  • I've got to get my wife on a modern phone so we can use this: JaxtrSMS Sends Free Text Messages #
  • I wish they had this for php: Greenfoot Provides a Visual Playground to Help Learn Java #
  • I wondered if it was that easy. Good safety tips: How to Replace Solder Tab Rechargeable Batteries #
  • This is a good idea for tours: The World Park Campaign! #
  • Wow! This could be a big thing for video podcasters and smaller churches: Blackmagic Design: ATEM Television Studio #
  • Good info on the history of Google: The Evolution of Search #
  • Very fun; no idea how to do it, but fun: Bicycle Tire Animation #
  • I can't wait to charge more instead of just making it work: Freelance Freedom #235 Managing Priorities #
  • After trying three different sites, my "Medical Cow Bell" shirt is available: #
  • This could be very cool on our church building: Christmas Lights? How About Video Projection? #
  • Great. Now I want a DIY hologram kit. How-To: Holography #
  • Good tips on DSLR video: How to Record Great Video with Your HD DSLR Camera #
  • I need this for my office door: Make Your Own Star Trek/Supermarket Automatic Pneumatic Door #
  • Who are you in the Christmas story? Mary-willing, wise men-patiently searching, shepards-abandoning all else or inn keeper-indifferent? #
  • I'm glad it's $249, helps me not want it: iPhone Lens Dial #

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Paul Alan Clifford, M.Div. has been a tech volunteer with Lexington City Church (formerly Quest Community Church) in Lexington, KY since 2000 and is the founder of, llc. He became part of the technology in ministry team when his church’s attendance was around 200 in one Sunday service and has witnessed it’s growth to a peak of 5,200 average weekly attendance in one Saturday service, four Sunday services in one online and two physical campuses. He literally wrote the book on podcasting in churches, twitter in churches, & servant-hearted volunteering, as well as writing various articles for publications like “Church Production” and “Technologies for Worship” magazines. He has thousands of members of his ProPresenter Users' Group on Facebook and thousands of subscribers to his YouTube channel.