Last Week’s Links for 2011-11-21

  • It's not an app yet, just an API, but Zypr wants to take on Siri. I just want siri w/o a 4S: #
  • i've been editing video all day and my eyes feel like there crossed. #
  • I had a friend in college that painted John Lennon during Imagine: Speed Painting a Sci-Fi Landscape in Less 60 secs. #
  • My logo (at also has a double meaning, any guesses? — Logos with Double Meanings #
  • Funny and true: Parody of the Modern Church Service [Video] #
  • If you have trouble finishing things think about this, "Starting the next project is reward for finishing the previous one." #
  • Looking for speaking opportunities.  Let me know of any you know of. #
  • Playing with a Logitech cam that I have in for a video conference.  720p feels like the difference between 3D and stone carvings. #
  • Looks like "but it doesn't have flash" isn't a good reason to not get iOS: Adobe kills Flash Player for mobile #
  • Very cool. I just hope they don't do too much rack focusing: The Hobbit: Shooting in 3D #
  • I forgot to transcode from h.264 to something better for editing; I hope I don't have to redo the whole project because of this mistake. #
  • I don't like contracts, but I've also been cheated out of $$ for work I've done: Business Templates for Web Designers #
  • Doing Church is out! #
  • I agree; great sources of video inspiration: Finding Quality Christian Video Resources #
  • Might need to add this to all my WordPress sites: Jetpack #
  • Interesting; not sure I'll do it, but… iOS 5 hides an Android-like autocorrect keyboard bar, here’s how to enable it #
  • Free VPN for browsing on your laptop or iOS device? Yes, please: Hotspot Shield #
  • If you trouble with names like I do, maybe this will help: Namerick Makes Sure You Remember Names #
  • DIY 3D software. Cool: Make 3D video with Free 3D Video Maker #
  • I've needed to convert from MKV to M4V before; this can: Video Toolbox – advanced online video editor. #
  • Another free video converter: Free Video Converter #
  • Auto-pan for your iPhone. I could use that: Swivl #
  • I'm wondering how long I can talk myself out of upgrading my I phone to a for ess. (Misspelled to throw off spammers). #
  • What I really want is a sonic screwdriver app: Acoustic Ruler Pro Turns Your iPhone into a Sonic Ruler #
  • I did this to the SD tvs in my life, now for HD: How to Calibrate Your HDTV #
  • Major fail in church today as I was preoccupied with my thoughts enough that I didn't stop myself laughing at an inopportune time. Oops. #
  • Good idea! I hope it works: Simplylisted Generates an Online Sales Listing from a Single Photo #
  • Better than going to the website every time to check your stats: OS X Google Analytics Widget #
  • Good tips here; I'll have to use the ones I haven't used yet: The DIY Filmmaker's Toolkit #

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