Last Week’s Links for 2011-10-10

  • Ad: A contest from TGIFriday's to win a home theatre makeover. You know I'm a big fan of cool home theatres. #
  • Headed to gurus conf. Trying to take a time-lapse video of the trip. #
  • Your job as a videographer is to show people where to look. #Gurusoftech #
  • Some have turned out to be true, like the Amazon tablet: Top 8 Tech Rumors of the Century #
  • I'll post a link later. #
  • Sure was great to see @matman42 and Baker again. Lots of stories and laughs. #
  • I really like the Chewbacca or Big Foot picture? — Famous Photographs Recreated with LEGOs #
  • Just heard the guy that made the open to Iron Man say Stryper was what brought him to Christ. #MakesMeWannaSing #
  • Just won a set of igniter backs at #Gurusoftech #
  • Jesus doesn't want fans. He wants people who are both friends and followers. #
  • God allows us to participate in changing lives. As tech people, we make ideas real. #gurusoftech #
  • Sometimes the hardest part of being at a tech conference is feeling like you don't know anything. You do. You're called. #gurusoftech #
  • Excited for the apple announcement. #
  • I have a 3GS. I've always wanted the newest iPhone, but not the cost or contract. I'll at a used iPhone4 now. #
  • I love business trips where I can have hot wings for both lunch and supper. Yum! #
  • We get to tell the story of Jesus on a weekly basis. #gurus11 #Gurusoftech #
  • It's okay to be simple, to pick one thing and do it really, really well. #gurus11 #Gurusoftech #
  • Back home from #gurusoftech #gurus11. Now to finish editing a baptism video. #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @samrainer @writtenquotes @churchmediaguy @siddharth_in #
  • Wow. The day after the latest iPhone announcement Steve Jobs died. So sad. The world isn't the same b/c of his vision. #
  • Did you know that homeowner's insurance covers roofs and water damage? I didn't. Sorry for the random thought. #
  • I just got back from Gurus East 2011; it was so great! Here's something they played there: Guru's Rap #
  • Excellent conferences & even better when you realize they're FREE! Just got back from my second one: Gurus of Tech #
  • A list of what you can ask Siri: How to Talk to Siri, the iPhone's New Virtual Assistant #
  • Yet another thing I need to use: Lemon Is an Easy to Use and Free Receipt Tracking Tool for Mobile Phones and Browsers #
  • Just got a kindle. I have Podcasting Church (only 2.99 on Amazon) on it and a rough draft of most of "Tweeting Church." #
  • Great advice. I've done this intuitively for years, but it's good to know the rule: The five shot rule in video #
  • Ironic discovery of the day –new Amazon kindle doesn't charge with other USB wall adapters, but does with my iPhone charger. #
  • I disagree, but maybe that's b/c I've been consistantly happy for years: Why Pursuing Happiness May Be Pretty Stupid #
  • I bet this is why transparency works so well: Embarrassing Yourself Will Gain More Trust with People #
  • I was surprised when Steve Jobs died b/c I saw him at WWDC. Live your life like it can slip away quickly. It can. #
  • Interesting idea; I'm a big fan of qr codes (as you can see from my book and business card): Make a QR Code Key Fob #
  • Very fun: Floppy music DUO – Imperial march – YouTube! #
  • More design inspiration: Mario Propaganda Posters [Classic Gaming Image] – How-To Geek ETC #
  • Fun documentary on Aperture science from Portal: Aperture: A Triumph of Science – YouTube! #
  • What's the honest logo for your church? — Honest Logos #

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