Last Week’s Links for 2011-10-03

  • This looks like something I'll be watching: Bleed Into One #
  • I might need to get some antivirus software, yet.: Mac trojan poses as PDF to open botnet backdoor #
  • Reminds me of when two bikers asked me if I was wearing a Jesus shirt; got a similar reaction: Don't Judge A Book… #
  • Watching now. I submitted a video for the vision segment. We'll see if they show it. Hope so. (Watch it; it's free!) #
  • Join me at the NINES right now: #
  • Shoot for edit. You shouldn't need a transition to fix an edit point. I've seen two videos today where a cross-dissolve "fixed" a problem. #
  • Don't underestimate the ministry you do by treating people like they matter. Most people don't. #
  • To be clear, most don't treat others like they matter. #
  • I think this is the one my wife is demoing for our satellite campus: LambsList – Secure, Web-Based Children’s Check-In #
  • If you use a lot of file hosting services, this might help: Neembuu Uploader #
  • I'm pretty sure I played this in 1985 on my ColecoVision: Out-of-the-Box Sermon Illustration: Creation [Video] #
  • I knew Apple was just getting started with FCPX: Final Cut Pro X 10.0.1 #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @edwardbase22 @bryankelso @effectiveteams #
  • And the first credible iPad killer is from Amazone! Yes, Amazon: Kindle Fire #
  • More about Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt Display Monitor Review #
  • Simple is good; you don't get much simpler than 8-bit logos: Pixel Logo Designs #
  • Ad: Cool! A contest from TGIFriday's to win a home theatre makeover. I bet I'm not eligible. 🙁 #
  • I just heard from a little bird that Propresenter 5 will be announced Saturday! Cool, huh? #
  • Glad the wait will be over: Apple Finally Confirms October 4 iPhone Event #
  • The video I made for "The Nines" that wasn't used.: The 2nd link is my pastor. His was used. #
  • Made my own follow focus gear for $2. Saved $13-38. Win! #
  • Ad: This look like an interesting story concept. Multiple small threads part of a larger whole. I just need FX. #UJCP #
  • A quick write-up on my $2 DIY DSLR lens gear at #
  • I bet this shotgun sounds way better than mine, but my wife would kill me if I bought it. Rode NTG-2 Shotgun HDSLR Kit #
  • More great tips for web design. Navigation problems are why I hate flash sites: 7 Key Secrets of a Successful Website #
  • Looks like my information was good: ProPresenter 5 #
  • Good to know as I'm starting to take photos: FlashMasters: Off-Camera Flash #
  • I'm in the middle of building my DIY light kit, so this is cool: 101 DIY Lighting Tutorials #
  • Good tips for using images: The Complete Guide to Using Images in Your Blog Posts #
  • I can't wait until visual implants: Look at her reaction: 29 years old and hearing myself for the 1st time! #
  • Thank you kroger plus card and expensive prescriptions. #
  • If you start w/hair taller than ur face, a unicorn costume, or cat glasses, it's not the photog's fault: Bad Pro Photos #
  • I changed the title, so don't go there if you're offended by the other "d" word: SEO for Nice people #
  • Who else is headed to Gurus today? I'd love to meet you! #

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