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Last Week’s Links for 2011-09-26

  • I got my "follow focus bracket" in the mail today. The gears are on their way. (@YouTube #
  • I agree. That's why we use them: 3 Compelling Reasons To Use Video Countdowns #
  • I thought this had been working for like a year, but apparently not: YouTube Will Let You Edit Your Videos Online #
  • Wow! If this works, it changes everything: Vocre Turns Your iPhone Into a Near-Instant Universal Speech Translator #
  • Good tips for DSLR video. It's different than regular video for sure.: Easy to Understand DSLR Video Settings #
  • Fun comparison of the web in 1996 vs. today: Today’s Web vs 1996 [Infographic] #
  • If you want to use wordpress for your church site, look at these themes: 3 Awesome WordPress Themes for Churches #
  • If your church is competing with another (unless it's a Jesus isn't God or not the only God cult), reconsider. The enemy is who we fight! #
  • Hmm. Wonder if I could do this… : How a Gamer Commutes to Work in Style #
  • Doing Church is out! #
  • Wow! You could plug this into a new Macbook Air and have tons of video ports: Thunderbolt Strikes! #
  • Very fun. I wish I could figure out a way to make a DIY version: Inspiring? But It’s Just Some Water Droplets #
  • If I ever present w/iOS, I'm doing this: Charge Your iOS Device and Plug it Into a TV at the Same Time w/ DIY Cable #
  • Now how do you unzip a RAR file? — Beginner: How to Extract .RAR Files on Windows 7 and Mac OS X – How-To Geek #
  • I'm really happy w/ my T3i, but here's why Full frame cams can be better: What Is A Full Frame Camera? Do I Need One? #
  • Early morning photo walk. #
  • Rained out but got some great shots of an M60A3 tank at a WWII memorial. #
  • Let's see if the final gear for my follow focus is here. #
  • Wow! Our world is amazing. In Mongolia people have never had a picture of themselves taken. See what happens: mongolia! #
  • I've been doing a lot of ebaying lately; this is good to know: Track Almost Any Package by Googling the Tracking Number #
  • I liked a @YouTube video how to modify your studio lights for under $7.00 #
  • I subscribed to thefrugalfilmmaker's channel on YouTube. #
  • Almost done building one of these for $50: Red Star DSLR Interchangeable Reversible Follow Focus #
  • I subscribed to markapsolon's channel on YouTube. #
  • I like this in theory, but here's a review of it in use: Church Tech Arts – Home – Review: Matrox Convert DVI Plus #
  • A great troubleshooting trick in Windows: How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows – How-To Geek #
  • When I blog, I sometimes need screenshots of sites. This does that easily: Take Screenshots of Web Sites & Share Them #
  • Wow! As a Stryper fan in the 1980's, this brings back memories: Bleed Into One: The Story of Christian Rock – Trailer #
  • Been thinking about what I want said about me at my funeral. I like "He was obsessed with helping to change lives and eternities." #
  • More inspiration. Churches you can do this: Fifty People, One Question – CHICAGO #
  • Just heard a guy say "I didn't know whether to kiss God or hit Him." Sometimes we all feel that way. #
  • Wow! Imagine when they get good at this. Watch memories as movies: Scientists Turn Memories into Video Footage [Video] #

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