Last Week’s Links for 2011-09-19

  • I don't watch the news. Political discussion never changed my mind. I hear about disasters other ways. I'm a happier person. Coincidence? No #
  • Wow! Local RTO place is advertising an hp touchpad for $99/month for 12
    months. They're selling for $99 total some places. #ripoffthepoor #
  • $65 isn't bad. I gotta get me one of these: Pico Flex Dolly #
  • Looks like one of the copies of "Podcasting Church" sold at my favorite local bookstore! Yes!!! #fb #
  • Remember what he says when you're scared. A good, nice, complimentary man affected him: Penn Gillette gets a Bible #
  • Rt @nateturnerMKE: @PodcastinChurch that was a friend of mine that gave him that Bible #
  • Ordered my Canon T3i last night. It should be in Thursday. I hope my lens comes in by then, too. (Got them two different places to save $) #
  • Great interactivity: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale #
  • True stuff: 7 Reasons Why Churches Choose to Have a Smaller Impact #
  • Looks like Adobe has added Mac support. Cool: Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder #
  • Saw a truck that said "get off the phone moron" and "Jesus is the light of the world" #mixedmessages #
  • I'm thinking this is a good idea for conferences: South Korean Virtual Store #
  • The promo video on the page has great advice! — How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Sucks #
  • Can't see the video. All the other ones are working fine. (@YouTube #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @ppaulr @holypop @ecraigwhite #
  • Part of my issue w/ flash is the UI stuff. Here are other pieces: Web Design Basics You May Have Forgotten #
  • I believe that most people don't live out their potential. What is God calling you to do that you're scared of doing? #
  • Who says budget is a limitation? Look at what tape can do!: Synchronized Scotch-tape stop-motion animation #
  • Fun. Looks like I've got a video shoot in my home town in the next couple of weeks. #
  • I think I'm buying a T3i later. If this works, it will come in handy: Dirt Cheap Camera Stabilizer Banishes Photo Blur #
  • This is why I like working at home: Jason Fried on Why work doesn’t happen at work #
  • This is one my church does: Homemade Baptisms #
  • Hmm. I have a mystery. All the automated stores tell me I didn't buy a part from them. Hmm. #
  • Cool idea. You can also make your own with a wiimote and LEDs: Make Any Whiteboard a Digital Surface #
  • Lots of Christian Book trailers; I'll be trying to get mine on there, too: Book Trailers and Promotional Videos #
  • Booking a trip for some r & r. Got everything we wanted for a 6 day 5 night trip. 🙂 #
  • I mentioned a hackintosh to someone and he didn't know what I meant. Just in case. : Hackintoshing – Part 1: The Basics #
  • Just heard a friend courageously share how she forgave her rapist. Forgiveness changes you! #
  • Here's a comic about the basics of the open source prototyping platform called Arduino: #
  • If you have OSX Lion, you can sign pdfs: Capture your signature using OS X Lion's Preview app #
  • It's like they were looking at my friend Jonny when they made this video. : Christian Hipster How To #
  • Good ideas here; I'm thinking a twist one though: Cheap DIY Follow Focus Solutions for DSLRs & Professional Filmmakers #
  • This one looks really nice: Diy Follow Focus £45 Professional #

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