Last Week’s Links for 2011-09-12

  • Wow. Just got an interesting letter in the mail about inheritance from my cousin. Let's see what God is doing. #
  • I think that generosity is the cure for greed. I'm giving away at least 10% of my inheritance from my cousin, no matter the amount. #
  • Need to add a couple of these on my blogs: 5 Easy-to-Add WordPress Shortcodes #
  • Let's get Skillshare opened up in Louisville, Cincy & Indy! — #
  • Good video for people afraid to be alone. Great video work, too.: How To Be Alone! #
  • I love the cuts between costume and location with movement staying fluid: 100 YEARS / STYLE / EAST LONDON #
  • Writing a chapter of #tweetingchurch at chick-fil-a and met a guy from seminary. I love what I do! #
  • Might be good for my home office / studio: Inexpensive Mini Stage Snakes #
  • Just wrote another 1,162 words. That puts me at 33,479 so far. I think there are a couple more chapters and I'm done. #TweetingChurch #
  • Barcept: How my 4 year old daughter thinks "except" is pronounced. #fb #
  • If there's a reason people believe in, they'll move heaven and earth to change things. I believe that the Church can help people know why… #
  • Maybe churches should do this: RT @DisneyInstitute: Anticipate needs by approaching lost or confused guests b4 they have to seek out help. #
  • It's easier to serve with abandon when you trust your leaders with abandon. #
  • Great ideas. How many of these do you do? Cleaning my workspace isn't one of mine: 29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE #
  • I don't understand .htaccess, but when I copy tutorials like this it seems to work: 6 Solid .htaccess Snippets & Hacks #
  • I love greeting people by name when I answer the phone; love caller id. I know it's no big deal, but I still like it. #
  • I don't know if it will get chosen, but here's the video I've uploaded for The Nines: #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @nexus_2 @resilientmichae @sangue_latino @inhuggermugger @policeradiol1ve #
  • I'm praying hard for a 35 year old mom with cancer I know. Pray with me! #RosemaryC #
  • Always looking for a better screenshot utility: TinyGrab 2.0 – Social Screenshot Sharing #
  • I use all of these. You? — Six Keyboard Shortcuts Every Computer User Should Know #
  • I'm learning JavaScript. Fun interactive coding tutorials: Code Academy #
  • Something I really want to do on my WordPress blogs: Add Facebook Comments To Your WordPress Theme #
  • It's my belief that God works in things you wouldn't expect: The Day Metallica Came to Church! #
  • I watched all three. These are great inspiration for your church: This Will “MOVE” You #
  • Here's some mac software to make podcasting feed generation and tagging easier, not free, but nice: Podcast Maker #
  • "You can't connect the dots looking forward, only looking backward": Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address! #
  • "The problem isn't technology, but the person using it." : Billy Graham on technology and faith — #
  • More than anything, I want to give all my life away: Rick Warren on a life of purpose #
  • Looking out to the room. Will @kenlan1 leave church with a Mohawk? We'll see. #fallkickoff #
  • Before there was buzz and woody, there was a creepy hand: 40 Year Old 3D Computer Graphics #
  • Bottom line, keep it updated: What Your Church Website Says About Your Church #
  • I haven't been hacked. Have you? — Should I Change My Password? #
  • What would you quit doing if you only had 30 days to live? If you knew that in 30 days your life would really start, how would you prepare? #

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Paul Alan Clifford, M.Div. has been a tech volunteer with Lexington City Church (formerly Quest Community Church) in Lexington, KY since 2000 and is the founder of, llc. He became part of the technology in ministry team when his church’s attendance was around 200 in one Sunday service and has witnessed it’s growth to a peak of 5,200 average weekly attendance in one Saturday service, four Sunday services in one online and two physical campuses. He literally wrote the book on podcasting in churches, twitter in churches, & servant-hearted volunteering, as well as writing various articles for publications like “Church Production” and “Technologies for Worship” magazines. He has thousands of members of his ProPresenter Users' Group on Facebook and thousands of subscribers to his YouTube channel.