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Last Week’s Links for 2011-09-05

  • Quick reminder. "Podcasting Church" is only $.99 for a limited time. Buy it before I come to my senses. #
  • Ad: Backup the cheap, automatic way w/ Carbonite. Try it free for 15 days & get 2 free months w/ order. Only $59/yr. #
  • This might work 4 some of my church's events (unless my friend Dave, the iPhone developer) can do it better: Bloodhound #
  • To be clear. If you ever see an ad in my stream it's because I believe it's a good product. You'll never see an ad to get rid of belly fat #
  • Why am I writing #TweetingChurch I want the Church to use social media b/c people & relationships matter. #
  • Good information for creation of community by Guy Kawasaki: Creating a Community #
  • When you GET TO serve God, it's a lot better than when you have to. #
  • Notice that the commercial at the end doesn't mention computers. : Steve Jobs Oldie but Goodie #
  • The difference between a Macbook air and a netbook is: Steve Jobs: We don't ship junk #
  • I'm on the schedule to teach at "Podcamp Cincinnati" ( Take a look. It's only a couple of months away. #
  • Quite often, I do mine for free: If you wouldn't do your job for FREE, then QUIT. #
  • If you want to do church tech, get to know these connectors: Getting Connected #
  • I'm risking to follow a dream. That's why I'm trying to help churches; I want you all to see lives and eternities change! #
  • Feeling very old now: The Mindset List: 2015 List #
  • Very excited that the story I wrote (Presentation Horror Stories) is the cover story for this month's TFWM #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @beregond @sohltc @smalgov @chase_liv @daark_dugane #
  • Here's a better link to my latest article: #
  • Interesting. Much better than a lot of websites: Beautifully Simple, Maintenance Free Artist Web Presences #
  • Mine works, but for the future, I remember this: Repair a Broken Apple AC Adapter and Save Yourself Some Cash #
  • What if everyone caught onto the idea that they're really loved by God, spread it to others & the Church treated judgment like a plague? #
  • Still looking for writers. Here's another post at DIY Snake #
  • If your church needs free worship software, try this. It's not as full-featured as the paid stuff, but free: VerseVIEW #
  • BTW, don't expect the next iPhone until after ios5 goes gold master. Just a feeling. #iphone5 #
  • If you think God works in a broken world, it changes how you think. If you think God has given up, that changes things, too. #
  • This is interesting presentation: Clay Shirky on institutions vs. collaboration #
  • I'm going to write a newsletter today. Want to hear how you can get my book for $.99, where I'm speaking, etc? Sign up: #
  • If you want to create an animated gif, try this easy technique: Convert Youtube Videos to Animated GIFs (No Photoshop!) #
  • Another free tool to add pizazz to your church site: Content Rotator with jQuery #
  • Realizing that If I create something, anything, my day is better. I love what I do. Hoping my kindergarten art helps God in His work. #
  • Yet another thing to do: Create A Standard Background Image For Your YouTube User Page With Photoshop #
  • I got to #QPZA Fair warning. I'll be tweeting about it a lot today. #
  • Might just try these myself: How-To Increase Your Church Facebook Traffic #
  • Gates are open. If you're not in KY check If you are, I wanna meet you. #QPZA #
  • Headed to the live truck. #QPZA #
  • #qpza Here's my view. If it's too Dardanelles or bright during @RemedyDrive it's my fault. #
  • I'm 3 feet from one of Nicole C. Mullins'
    tech people. Hoping to talk to her soon. #QPZA #
  • I had a blond and a brunette girl this morning now their hair is purple and pink and orange. #QPZA #
  • This ain't your daddy's church picnic. #QPZA #
  • Saturday night service sure is fun w/ Mac Powell and third day leading praise and worship. #QPZA #
  • If you're here, hang on. You don't wanna miss what God is about to do. I feel it. #QPZA #
  • My view now #QPZA #
  • Has your worship pastor ever sung with Third Day? Mine has. Proud of you @sharonclements #QPZA #
  • Imagine if Mario had a Halo gun. I hope I get to play this before the copyright owners kill it: Mari0 #
  • Long day but great day. #QPZA Now a short night before I help change eternity in Frankfort. #
  • I love my kids, but my great-grandkids shouldn't make money from my books; that's wrong: History of Copyright [Video] #
  • Apple's Podcast spec page. Tons of info here including what each tag does & changing your feed: Making a Podcast #
  • I'm REALLY tired of Christians slandering each other b/c they don't agree with some minor thing. If God is moving, DON'T CRITICIZE. #
  • My church is taking this up a notch. Thought I'd share this book: How to Wow Your Church Guests #
  • True. It's easier to write the last few thousand words once you've written the first 30,000: Discipline #

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