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Last Week’s Links for 2011-08-22

  • I'm looking for people to help me write a new blog about hacks/diy in every aspect of church/christian life. Let me know. #
  • Hmm. This is interesting; maybe Google is trying to beat apple: Google to Buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion #
  • Just talked to @datagenesis about making facebook apps for churches (embedded video and chat). Here it is: #
  • A crane on some sort of vehicle? This was before steadicams: Touch of Evil Opening Shot‏ #
  • 1629 more words. That's 23,078 total. 10,000 words shy of where my first book ended. #tweetingchurch It is getting harder. #
  • Not a bad drawing for a four year old. #prouddaddy #fb #
  • My new favorite production music site. I can afford it, too. — 99¢ Instrumental production music clips. #
  • This is a masterpiece! Great video. Great poetry. I don't know how it could be better: The Gospel In Four Minutes‏ #
  • I think it might be worse to see the "this isn't Christian and uplifting" comments on a Christian video site than atheist stuff on youtube. #
  • For my fellow Mac Geeks: Lion DiskMaker (US) #
  • I hope to launch a site for hacks and how to's for churches and Christians soon. I've got one writer besides myself. Anyone else? #
  • As an artist, systems often feel broken to me: Seth Godin "This is Broken" #
  • What if your church could hire the guy who wrote the book on Podcasting and Twitter for church for $1000/year? You can! #
  • Finally broke my 3-day writing slump. Hit 1554 words today and crossed the 25,000-word line. Hoping it gets easier again. #TweetingChurch #
  • Innovation is the secret to lifting people out of poverty: William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the wind #
  • Just got off the phone with @mattmckee of Great interview for #tweetingchurch #
  • Wow! Just followed @plywoodpeople. They're doing some neat stuff to help displaced political refugees. I'm getting 1 of the messenger bags. #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @vandeirribeiro @quintinonair @hmichaelrich08 @tx_dallas @tdwusavalues #
  • The design isn't done, but is up w/ it's first post. It's a story w/ a link, but you get the idea. #
  • Agreed! Nice to see them written down: Bloggers Code of Ethics #
  • I don't know how or why, but @LeoLaporte has one of my blog posts in his friend feed. Put me on (any show) pls #
  • Stayed up way too late but happy to be hitting Leadership Retreat tomorrow. #
  • Used one of these for the temp site: Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop! #
  • Just finished the next to last session of #wcagls on mp3. On my way to leadership retreat. #
  • If you'd like some free media, check out some stuff I've made for you: » Free Media #
  • I love making my own themes, but some of the details are hard: For WordPress developers: 4-Ways to Loop in WordPress #
  • I use a couple of these; need to try others: 10 Tools for More Efficient Tweeting #
  • More web design inspiration: How Many Pages Does A Website Need? #
  • Good tips for driving traffic: 6 Advanced Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings #
  • Old school design: Become a graphic art historian web design ninja #
  • This is a fun idea: CSS Mask-Image & Text #
  • "I never loved you with a reasonable love." Jesus #
  • Bad language, but useful tips; consider yourself warned : How to Email Busy People #
  • I love everything Guy Kawasaki writes: How To Use Facebook To Enchant Your Customers : Technology #
  • I'm totally using this in web design: Auto-reload stylesheets whenever CSS files are saved #
  • I'd rather live in failure than die in regret. @KenLand1 #
  • My four year old just learned a new trick. She's not mad. She just can't do it w/o concentrating. #fb #
  • The core of Quest Frankfort praying for what we hope is our next building. #
  • Godin is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers: Seth's Blog: Three things clients and customers want #
  • Something I keep meaning to do: TED Talk: Johnny Lee | Matt McKee #

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