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Last Week’s Links for 2011-07-25

  • RT @lorimcneeartist: Twitter drives 4 times as much traffic as you think it does #twitter /via @jaycbee @2morrowknight #
  • July promotion: If you're the first in your state, get a copy of Podcasting Church for $12 w/ free s&h in July! #
  • Great advice for my fellow writers: Breaking Writer’s Block #
  • Quick reminder: I'm a tech consultant who would love to help your church or business take the next step. DM or @ me today for more deets. #
  • Actually laughed out loud: RT @BibleMemCoins Boycott shampoo! Demand the REAL poo! #
  • Need one of these for my office. Internet cameras with video on your iPhone, Android or laptop #
  • Do the big white pages with lots of text all centered in different colors really work for selling stuff? I always look & leave w/o reading. #
  • Three simple, free wordpress themes (change in upper righthand corner): TentBlogger Demo #
  • I just found out that my book will be in its first bookstore. If you're in Lexington, do me a favor and go to Joseph-Beth and ask for it. #
  • Anyone know any independent bookstores that might want to carry #PodcastingChurch ? #
  • Good points: Five Steps To Overcome Procrastination #
  • After what happened when I wished everyone happy FCPX day, I'm hesitant to wish everyone happy Lion day. Who has it already? #
  • Good advice here. Time to submit some query letters: Get Used To Hearing "NO" #
  • Did NOT see that coming, but I guess w/ the air, the MacBook was redundant: The MacBook drops from Apple's Store #
  • Good use of the web at this church: Community Bible Church, San Antonio, TX #
  • If your website looks like this w/o this tool, hire a good designer today! — Make Any Site Look Like It Would In 1996 #
  • Some good ideas here, just not all for me: 50 Creative Places To Advertise Your Business For Free #
  • As a QR code user (I have a bunch in my book), I find this interesting: HOW TO Make Your QR Codes More Beautiful #
  • Are you a church that can't afford a tech director? I can be your virtual tech director. #
  • The author is one handsome dude…oh wait, that's me: 3 Tips for Using Podcasting for Your Business #
  • Filed under "If it's free, it's for me." — Popular vectors | Photos and Vectors | Free Download #
  • Are you upgrading a few different macs? — Create A Bootable Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Flash Drive #
  • I can't stand that so many churches have tech needs I can help with for such a small amount of $. Let me help make the message clear. #
  • Fun App. I wish I could add my own songs: The Gregory Brothers' First-Ever App Turns Speech to Song #
  • I have a flip cam on a DSLR rig for stability. Very guerilla. Run and gun. #
  • Sometimes you do video in odd ways when you're trying to make it look amateurish, but the best it can be. #
  • I try to do this always. It's amazing to me how many Christians don't: avoiding Christianese #
  • Wow. I'm less than 60 followers away from double of what I had on 7/1. #
  • "You do not NEED coffee. Coffee is a want! You need water; that's a need." Trinity (9) doesn't understand caffeine addiction yet. #
  • For my fellow FCPX users: Free Final Cut Pro X Generators #
  • Hoping to find where my book is shelved at Joseph-Beth today. Two copies there. Come on Lex tweeps lets buy them. #
  • In case you want to pick up Podcasting Church locally, the isbn is 9781456451035. #
  • Good point. Two or more is funny. One is meh. –The Humor Formula #
  • My heart breaks when anyone dies. It's unfathomable how many I don't know about. I'm glad there's a God who does and cares. Praying. #
  • It's both cool and odd to see a book you've written in a bookstore. #
  • Just realizedthat the first family in the Bible was so dysfunctional that one brother killed another. Perfect families are the exception. #
  • What if all Christians treated people like Jesus treated the woman caught in adultery–no judgement; only love. #
  • I've uses about 6 of these; good stuff: 31 Powerful and Usable Web Applications to Improve Your Workflow #
  • Hey everyone, I've mostly finished a t-shirt design. I hope that I can convince Threadless to pick it up. #
  • Good write up; important things to remember: Connecting Unbalanced Outputs To Balanced Inputs—And Vice-Versa #
  • This is why I tweet so much: 3 Benefits of Building Your Own Platform #
  • Any Lexington tweeps have red/blue 3D glasses I could borrow? #
  • More Logo ideas: Creative Examples of Negative Space Logo Designs #
  • Today I have 1,649 followers. I've doubled each of the last 2 months. My next book will be about Twitter for churches. I start 8/1. #
  • Thanks everyone who's followed me these last two months. I followed you for a reason. You all rock! #BestFollowersOnTwitter #
  • I like #5 5 Ways to Encourage Customers to Share Your Content #

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